Digital Adoption

In today’s digitized era, insurance carriers recognize the pivotal role of digital tools in elevating the customer experience. However, a mere investment in these assets doesn’t guarantee success; their meaningful adoption is where the true value lies. Without a strategic focus on maximizing the utility and adoption of these digital assets, carriers risk underutilizing their investments, leading to diminished returns. To truly reap the benefits and enhance customer experience, insurance companies must actively drive the adoption of their digital offerings, ensuring that they are intuitive, user-centric, and seamlessly integrated into the customer journey.

Case Study

Client: A mid sized P&C insurance carrier had digital assets like online quote and bind, customer

Problem statement:

The question client was trying to answer – how do we improve digital adoption (enrolment in paperless and registration in customer portal) and increase customer digital engagement?

Client a had rolled out digital assets like paperless communication, customer portal for self service and was experiencing low adoption.

  • Low adoption of paperless leading to increased operational cost

−1 in 5 have enrolled to receive paperless billing

−1 in 16 have enrolled to receive paperless policy documents

−1 in 304 have enrolled to receive text

  • Less than 50% of Direct customers go on and register in customer portal after they buy a policy.
  • Very small % of non-online (agent channel) customers registered for customer portal.

Our Approach

Current state study/data collection
– Identify customer communications and state of paperless initiative
– Adoption data on paperless, customer portal
– Customer journey for paperless and portal registration
– Identify system and process gaps
– Identify critical data needs/gaps
– Customer data analysis to identify customer segments and propensity
Synthesize recommendation
– Future state customer journeys with system impacts.
– Recommendation for addressing data gaps.
– Recommendations for approaches for different customer segments.
– Monitoring and segment based campaigns to educate customers on digital solutions
– Identified system and process changes to drive portal registration/adoption and paperless enrollment.

Technology Landscape

  • Guidewire (PC,BC, CC)
  • Customer portal – Angular, google analytics
  • DocuSign, Documaker (document generation) and Highland (document storage)


  • Paperless adoption increased by 22% over one year.
  • In one year Customer portal registration for direct customer went up to 85%.
  • Customer portal registration for agent channel increased by 20%.