Fullstack Digital Engineering Pod

In the digital era, insurance companies are keenly aware of the pivotal role agents play in fostering strong customer relationships. To empower these agents, many insurers are investing in state-of-the-art agent portals, a testament to their commitment to enhancing the agent experience. These portals, equipped with modern digital capabilities, serve as a one-stop hub, streamlining processes and providing real-time data access. By offering tools that simplify and enhance tasks, insurers not only boost agent productivity but also ensure that agents can provide customers with swift and personalized service, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Case Study

Client: Client a niche homeowner insurance carrier focused on West coast market who sell their products through independent agents.

Problem statement:

The customer was looking at Increased ease of doing business for agents using a modern technology platform that is easy to maintain.

  • The developed product was not meeting the quality and there was a need for speed to market.
  • The client had challenges having a balanced team (onsite/offshore) that has knowledge of insurance and competent in the relevant technology from existing vendors.

Our Approach

– Analysis of the proposed architecture and key challenges
– Identified key skills required
– Established benchmark goals for us (customer and acxhange) to be successful
– Setup governance structure that helped us monitor progress and ability to take corrective actions.
– Ramped up a team and built pods in collaboration with customer that was deployed in 2 months time
– Mixture of internal and lateral recruitment.
– Addressed domain knowledge gaps through training
– Address technology gaps through training to develop fullstack engineers.
– Improved DevOps pipelines to automate deployments
– Improved code quality through changes in architecture choices and leveraging tools.

Technology Landscape

    • Angular 11 frontend
    • API gateway, Java / Node.JS backend
    • DynamoDB
    • DuckCreek 7.2


  • Go-live achieved for one major state on time and under budget ; Biggest state will be live on the platform in 6 months.
  • Speed to market and quality goals measured achieved.