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We work with leading insurance companies. The insurance sector is complex. It is a landscape of ever increasing regulatory requirements, evolving customer expectations. Insurance sector has a tremendous potential to have a positive impact on the social and economic value it can generate – by innovative new products that can address increased risks posed by cyber crime, environmental challenges and new business models. We combine deep sector experiences with market leading technology solutions to address these challenges.

Digital Customer Experience

Customers expect omni-channel digital experience from insurance carriers. We help insurers launch digital assets faster by bringing in our unique blend of technology, domain experience and critical thinking. Our experience spans sales and service customer journeys for P&C Insurance and Life and Annuity customers.

Some of the engagements through which we have helped our clients significantly improve digital experience and NPS are listed below.

Digital roadmap for P&C customers
Digital adoption assessment and implementation
Quote and bind applications for P&C customers
Mobile self service application for P&C customers
Claims FNOL application for P&C customers

Leveraging Data for Insight and Foresight

Core capability underpinning any digital transformation is data. Insurance companies have tremendous amount of data and when augmented by data from third party sources can reveal a lot about the customers. Data can be leveraged to help improve customer experience, improve/personalize products, uncover opportunities, and improve profitability. We have helped customers move from an organization that has basic reporting – to capabilities that helped them understand why “something” happened and predict what “might” happen in the future.

Some of the engagements through which we have helped our P&C insurance clients improve insights and foresights are listed below.

Data capability roadmap
Improving trust in data through reconciliation framework
Data platform modernization
Build comprehensive BI capabilities that helped business insights in marketing, claims and UW operations

Core platform transformation

Core platform transformation for the insurance business is about reinventing legacy systems and infrastructure, with the primary goal of better aligning them with the rapidly changing dynamics of the industry and customer expectations. With advancements in digital technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more, insurers are given the tools to overhaul outdated processes, improve operational efficiency, and provide enhanced service delivery. This transformation focuses on end-to-end digitization, ensuring a seamless integration of various functions like policy administration, underwriting, claims management, and customer service. The objective is not only to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency but also to enrich the customer experience, drive product innovation, and meet regulatory requirements. The modern core platforms like Duck Creek and Guidewire offer end to end capabilities that can improve speed to market, reduce cost of operation and greatly improve agility.

Ultimately, a successful core platform transformation will provide the insurer with agility, flexibility, and the capability to rapidly respond to market changes and customer needs, thereby ensuring a competitive edge in the evolving insurance landscape.

Core platform selection and roadmapping
Program management and architecture definition
Platform engineering services for Duck Creek and Guidewire
Integration with external and internal systems
Conversion strategy and implementation
Upgrade from one version to the next for Duck Creek and Guidewire

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