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With years of experience and a deep understanding of the sector’s unique requirements, we offer a range of cutting-edge services and capabilities to address the evolving needs of banks and financial institutions. Our expertise spans across core banking systems, digital transformation, cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing, and regulatory compliance. From developing robust banking applications to implementing secure infrastructure, we deliver innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, enable personalized customer experiences, and ensure regulatory compliance. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of technology in the banking industry and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Core Banking System Upgrades

For 83% banks existing core systems no longer support their needs

and 80% banks to replace core systems within 5 years according to a survey from Invigorating Banking Report. Banks are also shifting their budgets & employees from front-end to back-end initiatives. We specialize in core banking system implementations and upgrades for the banking industry. With a team of experienced professionals, we possess in-depth knowledge of core banking platforms and the expertise to seamlessly migrate or upgrade existing systems. Our capabilities include system analysis, requirement gathering, customization, integration, testing, and post-implementation support. We ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations, enabling you to leverage the latest technologies, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences. With a focus on security, scalability, and compliance, we deliver robust and future-ready core banking solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Cloud Transformation

Currently 89% of financial institutions run at least one app in cloud.

However, only 1% of the banks run their core banking app on cloud. By 2030, analysts expect all new core banking replacements will be in cloud. Acxhange is best position to help banks and financial institutions in migrating to the cloud and adopting cloud-native technologies. Our IT firm excels in assisting banks with cloud transformation and migration, leveraging our extensive capabilities in this domain. We understand the unique challenges faced by the banking industry when adopting cloud technologies and offer comprehensive solutions to overcome them. Our experts conduct thorough assessments of existing infrastructure, develop tailored cloud strategies, and execute seamless migration plans. We ensure data security, regulatory compliance, and optimal performance throughout the migration process. With our deep expertise in cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, we enable banks to harness the power of scalable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud solutions, empowering them to innovate, streamline operations, and drive digital transformation.

Customer Experience

Nearly 90% of the banks ranked customer experience among the top 3 drivers of IT investment.

Banks are investing to enhance digital touch points, using analytics & real-time for personalized services, augment sales team with technology. Enhancing customer experience is at the forefront of our IT firm’s capabilities, specifically designed to assist banks in delivering exceptional service. We understand that in today’s digital era, customers demand seamless and personalized interactions. Leveraging our expertise, we collaborate with banks to develop innovative solutions that improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Our services encompass the implementation of advanced customer relationship management (CRM) systems, development of intuitive mobile banking applications, and the integration of AI-powered chatbots for efficient customer support. By leveraging data analytics and automation, we enable banks to gain meaningful insights, personalize offerings, and provide frictionless experiences, ultimately fostering customer loyalty and retention.

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