We are a Strategic Advisory and
Engineering Firm

We help accelerate change and future proof your business by leveraging the technology. We are focused on helping solve business problems through engineered solutions at fast pace – from upfront advisory to design & engineering through operationalizing and optimization.

We are industry veterans who understand business problems and are excited about technology. We bring our consulting and engineering talent to build compelling solutions from dot on a wall to implementation – by simplifying complex problems to deliver accelerated outcome.


We are dedicated to nurturing

A learning-centric culture, champion life-work balance and provide technology consulting that empower our clients to thrive in a dynamic digital era, help reshape industries and accelerate success.


Customer Focus

Customer-centricity is at the core of everything that we do, ensuring exceptional experiences and exceeding expectations.


Solution Oriented

We are a solution-oriented company, dedicated to finding innovative and effective ways to address challenges and deliver tangible results.



Collaboration fuels our success, harnessing the collective power of teamwork and diverse perspectives to achieve shared goals.


Empower Talent

We empower talent through continuous learning that helps  foster an environment that drives innovation, growth and success. 


Our DNA is technology engineering

which is the foundation for all the work we do with our clients to transform their business and achieve business outcomes. We continue to expand our core engineering capabilities to include advisory, design and implement solutions. We have people who have built some exciting technological solutions in insurance and banking.

We have a global talent pool

spanning across the United States, Canada, Latin America and India. This international presence equips us with a broad spectrum of perspectives, allowing us to craft solutions that are innovative, relevant, and attuned to both global trends and regional nuances. Our consultants, drawn from various cultures and backgrounds, bring a wealth of experience across industries and technologies. They collaborate seamlessly across geographies, driven by a shared passion for solving complex business challenges and a commitment to client success. Our global reach also allows us to provide round-the-clock support, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery regardless of where our clients are located. By harmonizing global expertise with local knowledge, we help businesses navigate the digital landscape and drive transformative change.
We have offices in the US in Glendale Arizona and in Chennai, India.


We believe in building a sustainable future for everyone.

Environment: We prioritize eco-friendly practices, optimizing resources, and minimizing waste. Our operations tread lightly on the planet, ensuring a green footprint.
Social: We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive workspace. Our community outreach and partnerships emphasize positive social impact.
Governance: With transparency at our core, we ensure ethical decision-making and accountability in all our actions.
Join us in shaping a responsible and sustainable future.

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