Cloud Migration

Embracing cloud migration is pivotal for organizations striving to maintain relevance in today’s rapidly advancing digital era. Specifically, transitioning from on-premise solutions, like BizTalk, to the cloud not only offers enhanced flexibility but also aligns perfectly with AWS-powered digital stacks. This shift ensures seamless integration, optimizes operational efficiency, and accelerates speed to market. By leveraging the power of the cloud, businesses can adeptly navigate the challenges of modern commerce and harness the full potential of their technological investments.

Case Study

Client:A homeowners insurance carrier from West coast

Problem statement:

Client was trying to find a partner for the cloud migration.

The carrier used Biztalk for integrations.

  • Internal integrations like policy lookup, claims lookup etc.
  • External ternal integrations like credit score from 3rd party, MVR details from third party etc.

The customer also incurred significant licensing cost on an annual basis.

Biztalk looked out of place in the new enterprise vision for the technology – specifically with digital.

Our Approach

Discovery and blueprint
−Inventory of integration and complexity assessment (source and consumer)
−Identified key integrations patterns
−Design patterns with mapping to aws tech stack
−POC for identified design patterns
−Roadmap for migration
Delivery sprints over 6 months to deliver first 20 integrations.
Stop use of Biztalk by end of 9 months (all 28 integrations in production migrated to aws).
Created integration delivery PODs in collaboration with the customer.

Technology Landscape

    • aws API Gateway, Lambda.
    • Node JS.
    • Biztalk (during the analysis – decommissioned).


  • Savings of close to $1M per year on Biztalk lic, maintenance staff (specific skill).
  • Consolidation of technology and skillset needed to support.