The consumers are expecting high quality, personalized seamless experiences and services across all digital channels. With integrated approach to strategy and execution, we will help you to define the digital transformation roadmap and exceed your customer’s expectation.

Case Study

Client: A mid sized P&C insurance carrier had digital assets like online quote and bind, customer

Problem statement: Client wanted us to broadly answer two questions. What should be our strategy regarding mobile self-service capabilities? What should be our priorities?

Our Approach

We started with a Current state study. We Collected current customer portal usage pattern. We collected Competitor mobile apps and their capabilities. We got Customer feedback on competitor mobile apps.

Then we analyzed the data collected. Created a list of capabilities that customers are seeking from mobile by looking at traffic to customer portal from mobile. We did the analysis of competitor mobile features and analysis of customer feedbacks on mobile apps. Ended up with a comprehensive list key features and the needs for realizing them on a mobile app.  We established the customer need/demand from mobile apps from direct feedback and their frustrations with existing capabilities.

Finally we synthesized recommendation – which included many rounds of reviews and feedback. We created a Roadmap of features to be delivered with focus on key capabilities desired by the customer and internal capabilities to deliver that successfully. We also worked on technology selection and architecture.

Technology landscape included Guidewire, APIs built using Java, Mobile app built using Flutter for iOS/android.


We delivered a Mobile roadmap for 15 months – with first release in 6 months for table-stake features.

The benefits were enormous. JD Powers recognized the insurer as number one in digital  experience 6 months after the mobile app release. Customer satisfaction score improved 40%. The mobile application was rated 4.9 and one of the best insurance apps (limited features but works what it promises).

All this was achieved in 6 months from the start of kickoff of the strategic engagement with acxhange.

At axhange we value innovation, collaboration, integrity, and a relentless commitment to client success.