DuckCreek Development

In today’s dynamic insurance landscape, insurers are recognizing the imperative to evolve and adapt. Transitioning to modern core platforms, like DuckCreek, has become a strategic priority for many. These advanced systems not only facilitate rapid product launches but also ensure enhanced flexibility and rigorous compliance adherence. By investing in such cutting-edge solutions, insurance companies position themselves at the forefront of innovation, streamlining operations and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

Case Study

Client:A homeowners insurance carrier from West coast

Problem statement:

Client was looking for a partner who can build a strong Duckcreek competency.

The client has a legacy policy administration on AS400. They also have an older version of Duckcreek (relic from previous attempt to modernize) with a small book of business. The client wanted to rollout some of the biggest books to Duckcreek 7.2 which can be used as base product as they migrate rest of the book.

The client was not happy with the existing partners who had worked on earlier modernization efforts. Specifically – client was looking for,

  • A partner who can build a strong offshore team that his team can directly work with.
  • A partner who understands their business and can engage at appropriate levels while they are on their transformation journey.

Our Approach

– Identified gaps in skills for the team.
– Senior leadership spent time to understand the architecture, current challenges and roadmap.
– Established benchmark goals for us (customer and acxhange) to be successful
– Started with one pod – ramped up a team in collaboration with customer that was deployed over 3 months time
– Mixture of internal and lateral recruitment.
– Addressed specific HO insurance knowledge gaps through training
– Setup governance structure that helped us monitor progress and ability to take corrective actions.

Technology Landscape

    • DuckCreek 7.2


  • Go-live achieved for a major state on time and under budget
  • Speed to market and quality goals measured achieved.