We have been trying to simplify coding for ages. It feels good to see the hype (leadership team in acxhange has background in developing code generators, development of CASE tools) around the low/no code development platforms – which promises to help deliver digital assets faster. 

What is Low/No Code ?

There are many definitions, and it keeps changing. For simplicity let us look at low/no-code as a visual approach to software development. These tools abstract and automate every step of the application lifecycle to enable rapid delivery of a variety of software solutions including mobile, web, workflow etc. It promises to break the traditional silos of business and IT to promote continuous collaboration and bring-in agility. By encouraging more people to get into programming (citizen developers) by making it simple to develop applications and contribute.

What gets called as low code has been changing – here are some of the platforms that are considered low code platforms – Mendix, Outsystems, Appian, Kony, PowerApps etc. Platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Pega are also vying for this market. There are domain solutions – for example in insurance DXC’s – Assure Digital Platform, Majesco’s – Digital1st and Guidewire has its own tools/accelerators.

The learning curve on a low code platform is steeper for a non-developer compared to a developer. Low code also provides more options for customization which may require a development background in a lower level programming language.

A no-code is mainly targeted for non-developers or Citizen developers. Again – what gets called as no code has been changing – here are some of the platforms that are considered no code platforms – Unqork, Quickbase etc.


The low/no code platforms and citizen developers can create a virtuous cycle that can help accelerate the digital transformation. Historically simplification has been the mantra in software development the current need for speed, availability of mature, noteworthy low/no code platforms and availability of more tech-savvy population (Gen X, Y and Z) in the workforce will aid this virtuous cycle to create greater value.

The choice of the platform, what you can develop on those platforms and what citizen developers can and can’t do will be debated and could vary across different firms, industries (and governments) – but I do believe that this has potential to accelerate the digital evolution of a company, an industry and a society.

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